The Five Diamond Club

Once you pass your core STI tests, you qualify for a 5 Diamond Membership, free verification (a special offer - your use of the service is by Member Number only) and your use and display of the 5 Diamond Badge. But what happens next?

You are now part the social elite for sexual health responsibility. As a result, you are certain to get more dates because you are demonstrating concern not only for your own sexual health, but also for the sexual health of your partners. Sexual health IS attractive. Just review all the "DDF"s and "clean"s in social and dating profiles. Now those statements can be verified. If you meet just one extra great person during your SafeSexID membership, as a result of your Diamond Rating, then the cost of membership has more than paid for itself - on just that one extra special person.

But more than that, there is fun too! No doubt certain 5 Diamond Members will want to interact only with other 5 Diamond Members for dating, cruises, private parties, clubs, special promotions, special events and privileges - all activities available by invitation only from certain 5 Diamond Members to their peers.

You will receive a periodic 5 Diamond Membership newsletter and special invitations, and no doubt the free marketplace will provide other incentives to 5 Diamond Members as well.

Avers' use of its US-military-veteran market developed instant verification technology permits anyone with a smartphone to instantaneously determine your Diamond Rating (only if you permit access by providing them with your individual PIC access code).

Our technology and program provides everyone with real-time verified information on the sexual health of prospective partners so that you can make better, more efficient and well-informed decisions in your social interactions. Previously you had to rely on trust alone, now you can still trust but ALSO instantly verify!

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