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The Problem... And the Solution!

Rates Of 3 STDs - chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea - Reach Record High, CDC Says. ... "It is time that President Trump and [Health and Human Services] Secretary [Alex] Azar declare STDs in America a public health crisis," It's concerning to see such tremendous and significant increases in STD rates across the country, Hook said.. Source:

If you review the US Government’s Center for Disease Control’s website, as well as virtually every other website dedicated to sexual health, you will find the biggest problem to be solved was the high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases as a direct consequence of the general population’s failure to regularly test for STIs. ALL organizations who promote sexual health encourage frequent STI testing; for the most part their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. People are not testing for STIs as frequently as they should and, as a result, STIs continue to proliferate.

The Solution: to encourage and reward responsible sexual health practices. If you maintain your Diamond Rating, you are showing others that you are responsible and care about your own sexual health as well as the sexual health of your partners. Responsibility, conscientiousness, "I am STI free and seeking a similar partner," "DDF" is an attractive, desirable trait. But how does someone know you’ve really been tested and passed?

  • Sign UP

    Order your Diamond Rating. You will receive a One Diamond Rating (no tests are required) once you agree to our Code of Conduct, to practice safe sex. Once you pass the five (5) required core STI tests, you will qualify for a Five Diamond rating, signifying that you have tested within the past two months. But if you believe that testing every three months (Four Diamond), six months (Three Diamond) or yearly (Two Diamond) rating is sufficient based on your individual sexual activity, sign up for that particular Diamond Rating. At the end of your Order, print out your pre-filled Patient Request for Health Information form.
  • Get a Medical Referral

    Most States and jurisdictions will require that you first have a medical referral before you can be tested. This referral can be acquired from your personal physician, clinic, other health care professional or service. There are also online services which can provide the necessary medical referral. (See our Where to Get STD Tested page, from free to paid testing services). If you have already been tested, submit your Patient Request for Health Information form to the holder of your testing results and have THEM return your record directly to us.

    NOTE: Test results issued to you or sent by you will not be processed. Nor can we accept results from home testing services since there is no "control" over the actual source of any tested specimens. It is your responsibility to request an official copy of all required test results to be sent to us directly from the Laboratory or your physician.

  • Get Tested

    With your referral in hand, go to the lab and be tested. Provide the lab with your Patient Request for Health Information form, so that in addition to the copy of your results you, your doctor, clinic or other medical professional receive, ANOTHER copy of your results will be provided to us directly. The lab will usually charge a small fee to provide us with an additional copy of your results. Once we receive your results, we will then issue you your Diamond Rating Badge. Typically, we can issue you your Diamond Rating credentials within 48-72 hours after you’ve been tested. If you have already been tested, HIPAA allows up to 30 days to return a record to us. Typically, we get most returns in about a week.

    NOTE: Test results issued to you or sent by you will not be processed. Nor can we accept results from home testing services since there is no "control" over the actual source of any tested specimens. It is your responsibility to request an official copy of all required test results to be sent to us directly from the Laboratory or your physician.


On the issue of sexual health, the same problem exists. Fake STI testing results can be bought on the net (just Google Fake STD Results!), made in Photoshop, and abound. Dating profiles which state that they are DDF (drug and disease free), "clean" and looking for comparable DDF partners are legion! We solve that societal problem with the exact same methods and technology which we developed to verify US military veterans!

If your SafeSexID Diamond Rating allows you to acquire just one more quality date during your subscription, it has more than paid for itself. Wouldn't you prefer to date someone you know is responsible, who takes their sexual health, and as a consequence your sexual health, seriously? Of course you would.

Essentially, you are literally rewarded for responsible sexual practices. Because of the financial and social benefits you've achieved by your responsible conduct, everyone is rewarded by regularly testing for STIs. You, your sexual partners, and society as a whole, benefit!!

Avers is now applying the same processes, procedures and technology which was developed to verify US military veterans, to the sexual health market.

Try It Now, for Free!

In addition to a your Diamond Badge and other tools provided at your account page which you can use to substantiate your sexual health awareness, we also provide a QR Code you can download from your account page.

Our QR Code works the same whether you have it on your Membership Card, on your website, as an image on your cellphone, on your business cards, flyers, banner ads - you get the idea.

First, if you don't have a QR Code reader on your smartphone already, you can download and install a QR barcode reader app from your Android Google Play or Apple Store. NeoReader and QR Barcode Scanner both work well, as do others. Almost all are free.

To see how our Instant Verification technology works, let's use this Member's SafeSexID Membership Card. Fireup your QR Code Reader app, shoot the QR code below, click on the link to open your browser, when at our verification website enter this Member's PIC Ma3W35t and you have the instantaneous verification of this Member's credentials.

Remember, you allow access to your photos and diamond rating only to those to whom you provide your PIC access code. When accessed, your Member Number, current Diamond Rating, up to four verified photos, and appropriately redacted recent STI lab report, are shown. No other personally identifiable information (PII) is disclosed,.

Try it first, the solution.

Try it! It's cool!

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